Herbal Tea Lovers Pack

Infuse Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea Lovers Pack
Indulge your passion for herbal tea with our Herbal Tea Lovers Pack. 
Sample the complete range of Infuse Herbal Teas, have a herbal tea ready on hand for any occasion, and choose your favourite blend.

The pack includes: 
25g of Chill Relaxation Blend
25g of Fighting Fit: Immune Blend
25g of Radiance: Detox Blend 
25g of Invigorate: Energy Blend 
25g of Zest: Lemon & Ginger Blend 
25g of Yummy Tummy: Digestive Blend, and 
50g of Revive: Fitness Blend, plus 
1 Stainless Steel Micromesh Mug Infuser - fits most mugs for easy brewing.

Designed and hand-blended by a qualified naturopath.