Coping with Stress Naturally

As we rush through our busy lives, stress affects us all in different ways.  Some of us appear to cope well, but pile so much on our plate until we burn out and collapse.  Some of us feel the stresses of daily life easily, and need to slow down on a regular basis.
The truth is, most of us are jamming too much into our days, when we need to spend more time participating in stress-reducing activities.  Your body produces stress hormones, such as cortisol, in your adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys.  These hormones do their best to maintain balance in the body, but if the adrenals are overworked due to stress, they can reach a stage of burn-out.  This results in depleted energy, a frazzled feeling of being “tired-and-wired”, or disrupted sleep patterns.  When these symptoms pop up, it means your body is screaming at you to slow down and stress less!

Herbal teas can help moderate the stress response in your body, and restore balance.

LicoriceLicorice Root Tea – With its delicious sweet flavour, licorice root tea is a pleasure to enjoy.  When brewed, it creates an intense sweet flavour, so is best paired with minty flavours to freshen the sweetness.   Licorice root is known as an adrenal tonic – it strengthens adrenal function and moderates the secretion of stress hormones.  Licorice has a unique effect on your adrenals and stress hormones:  if they are sluggish, it picks them up, and if they are tired, it nurtures them back to strength.

Siberian Ginseng – Known as a herbal adaptogen, Siberian ginseng helps your body adapt to its current conditions.  It’s used when energy levels are low to gently nurture energy back to balance, and as immune support when fatigue and burn-out are an issue.  As a herbal tea, Siberian ginseng has a very mild flavour, so it’s often mixed with other herbs in blends.
Gotu Kola – Another herbal adaptogen, gotu kola helps your body naturally adapt and cope with stress.  It also supports the muscles and connective tissue of the body, so it’s a great tea to drink if you have been literally running yourself into fatigue from over-exercise or if your job involves physical labour.   Gotu kola is also great when recovering from illness or surgery, and the stress this puts on your body.

Hibiscus Tea – Rich in vitamins and minerals, hibiscus is a great whole health tonic.  When we are stressed, our body uses up nutrients while trying to cope with the stress, so drinking herbal teas rich in nutrients, like hibiscus or rooibos tea, helps keep your body nourished in times of stress.

invigoratesneekpeekInfuse Herbal Teas – Invigorate: Energy Blend is especially formulated to help your body cope with stress, and maintain optimal energy levels.  It is a unique blend of herbs, rich in vitamins and minerals, offering a natural, supportive boost.  Invigorate is suitable to drink at any time of day for natural energy support, and is unlikely to interfere with sleep patterns, as it is totally herbal, and caffeine-free.  Drink it several times per day if you have reached a state of burn-out to help support your adrenals back to good health.
Ingredients – Licorice root, peppermint, Siberian ginseng, hibiscus, rose petals.

Written by Hayley Hinton, Naturopath &
creator of Infuse Herbal Teas.