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hand-blended by naturopath Hayley Hinton
in Newcastle, NSW.


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Herbal spotlight on Calendula.

Calendula (calendula officinalis) is used in Western Herbal Medicine as an anti-inflammatory for skin and digestive conditions.

In herbal tea, the petals or flowers of the calendula plant (also known as marigold) are picked & dried before being added to a tea blend.  They maintain a vibrant yellow / orange hue, adding colour to a dried herbal blend.

calendula-officinalis-1695980_1280Main therapeutic uses:
– Eases inflammation and promotes healing in the gut.
– Used to treat skin conditions, including rashes and burns.
– Often used in creams or ointments for nappy rash in babies.
– Stimulates lymphatic movement, helping with natural detoxification.

Find vibrant calendula in Infuse Herbal Teas:
Yummy Tummy: Digestive Blend
Radiance: Detox Blend 
Zest: Lemon & Ginger Blend







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